April 16, 2007

Embarrasing Moment At an Internet Cafe

I had a embarrassing moment the other day at an internet cafe', I think anyone who spends time working on their laptops in these cafe's can relate:

So I roll into the Coffee Gallery on the North Shore with my laptop about 8:30 am, planning on working for a few hours. I power up the laptop, put on my headphones and pull up my usual shoutcast radio station with classical flamenco guitar. I'm jamming along, in full concentration mode staring at my screen and listening to music for about 35 minutes when........A guy at the next table is trying to say something to me, but I can't hear him because my headphones are on. I take off the headphones and the guy tells me my headphones aren't plugged in. I realize have been blasting my music in a silent internet cafe for like 35 minutes. I think my face turned bright red.

February 28, 2007

Hawaii Health Insurance Search on Google

Lets begin with search for "Hawaii Health Insurance," on Google. My wife and 3 year old already have insurance, so I'm looking for myself.

The first result is a link to PDF that is a "Guide to Getting Health insurance in Hawaii." I read it, but pretty useless.

Second result is a list of links from Queen's Medical Center Library page to different information, but not much specific info about insurance actually on the page.

Third result is the HMSA page listing plans available, including individual coverage, because that is all I will need. A bit of digging reveals:
Monthly Member Dues
High Option Basic Option
Single $126.00 $105.25
Two-Party $252.00 $210.25
Family $378.00 $315.75

$126.00 a month for the premium hawaii insurance plan, for an individual in Hawaii.

Kaiser Permanente using the quote wizard:
Plan type Your Quote
Platinum Plan Your quote is $119.00 a month for Platinum Plan
Gold Plan Your quote is $104.00 a month for Gold Plan

4th result was for site that had a wizard that returned like 30 plans, ranging in price from $60-$221/ month.

5th result
Our Options seem to be, Kaiser Permanente, or HMSA

I need Health Insurance! The search begins, Part 1

Well, I need health insurance. So where does a self-employed SEO go for this? I don't know! Let's begin looking and doing research in the major search engines! I thought it would be interesting to see what I find, and report back here.

Basically I will be doing research on Hawaii health insurance my myself, AND the SERP's (Search Engine Result's Pages) for those keywords.

To start I will simply go search on Google, Yahoo and MSN, fill out any form i can find requesting quotes or callbacks, and see how it goes. I plan on looking at the top 5 results.

February 7, 2007

Excellent List of Factors Influencing Rankings

I found this excellent list of factors that affect ranking in the search engines.
List of SEO Factors

January 23, 2007

North Shore Internet Entrepreneurs

I want to start a monthly meeting somewhere on the Oahu's North Shore, probaly at the Coffee Gallery, for anyone who wants to get together and discuss internet marketing, or just making money online, through whatever means.

This could be anyone who has a website, or online business, or just wants to get into it making money online. Selling stuff on Ebay, affiliate marketing, myspace marketing, PPC marketing, and anything current will be discussed. It could be Hawaii related, or not. Possibly we can get some speakers from time to time.

Anybody interested? Please leave comments below when would be a good time, and we will get together!!

Pre-Design Website Consulting - Building Search Engine Friendly Website Foundations

Most times thought is given to Search Engine Optimization and rankings only after the site has been built, resulting in double work. Most times the site would have to be completely re-done to achieve maximum results.

Allow me to guide your business website project from the beginning, ensuring your website's built in rankings and search engine traffic. This planning should begin before you even buy a domain name.

Websites built on a solid foundation like this can achieve top rankings on many different search terms for years at a time.

I will identify all the keywords for the category of business you website will cover, then create a layout and design which incorporates the identified keywords, usually with 2 or 3 main keywords which are the "theme" of the site. These keywords are incorporated into a search engine friendly HTML architecture, ensuring all pages are spiderable by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Forum List

Probaly the best place to learn SEO is by reading through the forums, then applying your knowledge to a site.

Webmaster World
This is where I first started reading and really got a lot out of it.

Overview Of Services

We create a comprehensive plan is unique to every client's website, business goals and needs. This plan takes into account budget, resources, scope of the project, the target market, timeline, and competitiveness.

Below are the tasks which go into optimizing a website for top rankings:

Keyword Research

This research is the core of any SEO campaign With your input we identify the most relevant, high traffic keywords to optimize your site for. These words are selected using a variety of sources including Wordtracker, Google and Overture. Keyword research is included in all services as the first step.

Pre-Design Website Consultations:

This is truly where our services are most effective: Allow us to help you build your site "search engine friendly," and optimized for the right keywords from the ground up. Full consultation to do it right the first time.

WebSite Optimization:

This includes suggested changes to all the elements of your website, including changing your site's copy to include keywords, changes to title, meta tags, alt tags, link text, header text, or any other part of the code as necessary. I consult with webmasters on how to build a site around keywords, incorporating them into the site's architecture and structure.

Manual Search Engine Submissions:

Manual hand submissions to the most important search engines and directories. Many of these now charge a fee for submission.

Search Engine Rankings Monitoring:

Monthly reports to determine the rankings by keyword on the major search engines. This is how we monitor progress over time.

Website Traffic/Log Analysis:

Different solutions depeding on your current website's hosting, structure, etc.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management:

Effective and experienced PPC management, with a focus on ROI.

Factors Which Influence Rankings

A website's rankings on search engine's are influenced by a variety of different factors:

On the Page Factors and Optimization:
This includes, but is not limited to: Incorporation of identified keywords into the
-Body Text - Near the top of the page, in the beginning of sentences, and also near the end of the pages.
-As bolded or italicized text, within the body text.
-HTML filename
-Alt Text
-H1 to H5 Tags
-Text links
-Web site Theme

-Website architecture built around categories, or themes.
-Website architecture with linking structure that allow for spiders to reach and index optimized pages of the site.
-Website architecture and pages built around specific keywords.

-The number and variety of pages on a website. The more the better, a 100 page website will usually do better than a 3 page site.

-Competitiveness of the keyword. Certain keywords have much more competition than others. Highly competitive keyword areas included online casinos, adult sites, and others.

-Affiliate status: If you have your own unique product or service, it will be ideal to achieve high rankings. If you simply are a re-seller of another website's product or services, that you link to with a affiliate code, it may be difficult to impossible to be included in the directories named below, severely hurting your rankings.

Off the Page Influences on rankings:
Inclusion in major Search Engine Directories: the most important of which are DMOZ.ORG (The Open Directory Project), and the Yahoo Directory.
-The category within these directories the website is included in also influences rankings.

-PageRank of a website(according to Google) or Link Popularity:
Most search engines use the number of links from other website's to your site in their algorithm as a measure of quality. It also takes the PR(PageRank) of the sites linking to yours, into account. The higher the PR of the site linking to you, the more it boosts YOUR sites PR.

A link from DMOZ.ORG and the Yahoo Directory will influence your PR very positively.

The actual link text of incoming links: A link to your site with keywords in to text affects your rankings. For example, if many sites link to yours with a specific keyword in it, the site will get a boost for that keyword.

The "theme" of the websites which link to you: It is better to get links from sites in your keyword category or theme. The search engines look at the "theme" of sites linking to yours when determining your rankings, as well as the text of the individual page.

December 26, 2006

About Us

Got Rankings? is founded and run by Joe Segal.

I first got involved with internet marketing, web design, and Search Engine Optimization in 1999, when I started working at an online marketing company for online casinos. I learned how to to make web pages, and nobody was doing the search engine submissions, so I volunteered and took the job. I made my first doorway page, submitted it to Altavista, got a #1 spot a few days later, and I was forever hooked. Since that day my focus has always been on internet marketing, and specifically search engines

I finally left that company in 2000 to work full time for a Web Design firm as the in-house "Search Engine Specialist." This was during the Dotcom boom and this company had over 10,000 websites. I was the manager of the search engine submissions department, managing 4 other people doing the search engine submissions for all 10,000 websites. I also created and taught search engine optimization classes for the web designers employed there.

I have managed search engine optimization campaigns, submissions and monitoring for 100's of websites for many different categories, businesses, and keywords.

I have been monitoring search engines, and how to rank well in them since 1999. I know what works, and what doesn't. I have acquired this knowledge from the experience of planning, optimizing, submitting and monitoring 100's of websites in many different subject areas, with different styles of design and structure.

I have developed a technique of search engine optimization that takes all search engines into account. I structure your website a specific way incorporating the best, high traffic keywords into your website. I currently have hundreds of pages ranking for 1000's of different keywords, driving traffic and sales every single day.

Thank You,
Joe Segal
Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Specialist


Phone (808) 637-9624