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Overview Of Services

We create a comprehensive plan is unique to every client's website, business goals and needs. This plan takes into account budget, resources, scope of the project, the target market, timeline, and competitiveness.

Below are the tasks which go into optimizing a website for top rankings:

Keyword Research

This research is the core of any SEO campaign With your input we identify the most relevant, high traffic keywords to optimize your site for. These words are selected using a variety of sources including Wordtracker, Google and Overture. Keyword research is included in all services as the first step.

Pre-Design Website Consultations:

This is truly where our services are most effective: Allow us to help you build your site "search engine friendly," and optimized for the right keywords from the ground up. Full consultation to do it right the first time.

WebSite Optimization:

This includes suggested changes to all the elements of your website, including changing your site's copy to include keywords, changes to title, meta tags, alt tags, link text, header text, or any other part of the code as necessary. I consult with webmasters on how to build a site around keywords, incorporating them into the site's architecture and structure.

Manual Search Engine Submissions:

Manual hand submissions to the most important search engines and directories. Many of these now charge a fee for submission.

Search Engine Rankings Monitoring:

Monthly reports to determine the rankings by keyword on the major search engines. This is how we monitor progress over time.

Website Traffic/Log Analysis:

Different solutions depeding on your current website's hosting, structure, etc.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management:

Effective and experienced PPC management, with a focus on ROI.


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Your list is quite comprehensive however I would add one more service to that list. That would be competition research.

For any of the primary and secondary keywords you choose it is important to analyze the sites ranking #1, 2 and 3 in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

This can determine if a keyword is worth targeting. Sometimes the competition will be too difficult to beat and an alternate stratagy will need to be implemented.

Look at the sites backlinks, on page optimization and page rank. This can quickly reveal if you can compete.

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